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Our goal is to make as many people as possible discover programming and algorithmics. We are intimately conviced that someone motivated who has very good tools to help him learn can improve very quickly!

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Algorithmics and programming learning

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced at programming, you will be able to master fundamental aspects of programming and explore the fascinating world of algorithmics at your own pace, using our training platform.

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The Bebras contest

The Bebras (or Beaver) contest aims at helping secondary and high school pupils discover computational thinking. It is organized by France-ioi, Inria and ENS Paris Saclay.

More than 600,000 students from French schools took part in 2017.

Algoréa programming contest

5-round competition from January to August to improve in programming and algorithmics, open to French students of secondary and high school. More than 210,000 constestants are participating in 2018!

School informatics

We provide specific content for algorithmics in high school. Our platform can be used at home or in class, with a monitoring system for teachers to keep track of their students' progress.

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France-ioi received the agreement of the French ministry of education.

Alkindi cryptanalysis contest

The Alkindi contest is a new cryptanalysis competition for teams of students, organized by France-ioi and Animath. It introduces to this domain at the intersection of informatics and mathematics.

More than 50,000 students took part in 2017–2018.

International Olympiads

Every year, France-ioi selects the best four French secondary or high school students for the International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI). This prestigious contest brings together passionate young people from more than 80 countries.

The french team obtained 3 medals at IOI 2017 in Teheran ! Congratulations to Étienne Rossignol (zanqua3.14, silver medal), Arthur Léonard (arthur_leonard, bronze medal), Théophane Vallaeys (theophanev, bronze medal) et Killian Dengreville (dengreville).

Training camps

We regularly organize training camps in Paris for the most motivated students training on our website. The camps allow them to meet other passionate students and improve very quickly.

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